After being returned to us numerous times & evaluations that led to recommendations of euthanasia to professional opinions of "he can't be fixed", look at him now. Thanks to our trainers Tony & Tasha who worked tirelessly to help this dog. And, to his amazing Furever family that didn't give up when times got tough.

"Rocky has made a complete transformation from the dog he once was. He is my shadow everyday & has brought us so much joy. Thank you. We love him and all of his quirks."      ~Rocky's Furever family


I think it's safe to say Jax is loving his Furever family, he sunbathes during the day and when he has had enough of that he cuddles up on his own bed in his own bedroom; he hit the jackpot! His new parents are amazing and even got him his very own tempurpedic bed! Little man is going to be living like a king!


My name is Patti and I rescued a three-year-old beautiful pitbull named Athena. She is the best thing that's happened to me since sliced bread. She is an angel. I don't know what I would do without her. She loves me, and I love her. And I believe she has never been treated as good as she is now. I treasure every minute with her. She is a girl after my own heart. We both love to sunbathe. The pictures will explain it. She is spoiled I must say, But I would do it all again in a heartbeat. She is the queen of the castle. I want to thank all of you at forever rescue, for your warm heartedness and your passion for these animals. You are angels, as well. Thank you from both of our hearts. Love Patti and Athena.


We got Stella on December 16th right before Christmas. She was going to be put down the next day if we didn't get her out. When I found out, I told Jena I'd take her just to get her out of harms way and we could figure it from there. What I thought would be a few days turned into a few months and Stella is now and Furever will be a part of our family. I kind of feel like it was meant to be. We had no intentions of getting a second dog but she walked in to our lives and was just perfect! We love her so much. She is best buddies with our 7 year old puggle, Bailey. And my kids just adore her. Gianna who has been around a lot of foster dog kept asking "is Stella going to go" because she was so used to them being around and then being adopted. So when she would ask I would say "I don't know, what should we do?" And she would say "keep her forever" and so we are!! Despite the loss of a few shoes, toys and art supplies she is a pretty good girl. We love our Stella Bella and wouldn't have it any other way!!


PUPDATE: Knuckles (pka Bruno)

After a few months, Knuckles' foster parents fell in love with him and welcomed him as a permanent member of the family. He and his pit bull sister, Petra, became fast friends and are now inseparable. Knuckles was found roaming the streets of Chicago. Furever Rescue identified him as dog that needed saving. After a brief stint at the vet’s, he moved into his foster home with Andy and Shilpa. Dad was unsure about fostering Knuckles. “I had concerns about taking in a dog that was so recently a stray. But we couldn’t believe what a perfect dog he was! And Petra adores him. Fostering was a great decision. It’s unbelievable that someone would just throw away such a good boy.”
“He’s the sweetest thing,” said Shilpa. “Just quietly follows me everywhere I go. My only complaint is that he cuddles too much. I can’t sit down without him laying across my lap!”

PUPDATE: Ellie (pka Poppy)

From Ellie's mom:

"Our sweet Ellie girl joined our family in July and she is the perfect addition! She is joined by her two big brothers Eli and Owen and enjoys playing and running around with them! She also loves taking walks around the neighborhood with her Dad! Ellie truly completes our family and I am thankful to finally have another girl in the house!" 



"Thank you for introducing us to Koa and allowing him to become the 5th member of our family.  He is great and surprises us everyday with his personality.  He has become an expert at playing fetch and is a great long distance running partner. We are truly lucky to have found him"
~The Martins


"Morgan is doing great. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to adopt her."

PUPDATE: Lucy (pka Mulan) & Rosie (pka Twix)

Well, it happened! Lucy became a foster sister failure. She loves her little sister Rosie so much, she just couldn't let her go! We are so grateful to Lucy's mom and dad for opening their home to another Furever pup in need.

PUPDATE: Humphrey

From his Mom:

"Well he loves our shoes & he loves his kennel. So you anytime you can't find a shoe that's probably where it is. He is very energetic and doesn't have brakes so he'll just topple into Kate, & she loves it. The back yard is favorite & we just got him a kiddie pool! 

Humphrey has a stuffed toy fox we call Beyoncé bc she's a 'foxy lady'. Well Beyoncé does not leave the kennel either and Humphrey LOVES Beyoncé."



Here are some answers to our most

Frequently Asked Questions. 

Why are adoption fees so high? Shouldn't adopting a dog be free, or at least very cheap?

Adoption fees and 100% of all of our donations go directly to the care of our rescue animals. Our adoption fee barely covers the cost of a young healthy dog, let alone the cost of saving those who need more medical care. Fees from the younger, more adoptable dogs help offset the cost of caring for the others.

Why do you do a home check?

We do a home check to make sure that your home is prepared for your new addition and that your yard is safe for your dog and that your home is prepared. Some things we check for are potential dangers to the foster pets (items in the yard or poisonous substances in reach of animals), and living conditions of your other pets and whether they are healthy & happy.

Do I have to have a fenced in yard in order to adopt a dog?

Having a fenced in yard or area is ideal, but we understand that not everyone in equipped with one. Dogs need lots of exercise, so if there is not a fenced in area, check to see where the local dog parks, walking paths, etc are in your area.

How long will I foster for?

It depends! Sometimes an animal is in foster care for as little as a few days, sometimes for a few months. Fosters agree to keep the animal until a suitable adopter is found. We have monthly adoption events that have been very successful in placing our animals into furever homes.

We understand that sometimes there are instances where a foster family can only commit to a certain amount of time or realize that it's simply too much or not the right fit.  Please allow us enough time to find a new place for your foster pet, we assure you that we will work quickly place him/her into the right foster home

How long do you keep animals for?

There is no set time limit. We take care of healthy, adoptable animals until we find them a home.

Where does the money from donations go?

Donations pay for veterinary care, surgeries, micro chipping, food, leashes, collars, crates, etc. When you donate, you are advancing the awareness of adoptable shelter dogs. A small amount of the donations fund our marketing campaigns and supplies need for events. However, we are lucky enough to have most of those items donated as well.


We Need Homes

Below are the dogs that are in need of foster and Furever homes the most! In order to continue to save more dogs... we need more places to put them. Open your home and your heart today. Click on their picture to learn more about them. These babies are in our boarding/training facilities and deserve a foster or Furever home just like all the rest. If you or someone you know can help... Please send us an email contact us. 




We are all enjoying Holly being a part of our family.  She is so relaxed when she is in the house....just hangs out and follows us to every room...which I really like! The kids had some friends over this weekend...Holly sure had a great time running and chasing with the kids.  (The kids were really having a blast also...lots of laughing and giggling!)  I really am pleased that Holly gives us all attention!  :)  At bed time, Holly starts with Ava and lays with her.  She gets up and moves to spend a little time with Graham and then comes to hang out with Pete and myself.  It's really sweet!  :) I am so happy we found Holly! "

Pete, Joy, Ava and Graham Meister 

Graham, Holly and Ave ready for bed time

Graham, Holly and Ave ready for bed time


Rescuing Callie~

My favorite thing about Callie is the way she stares at me like she's never loved anyone so profoundly. We can be in a crowded room full of people, yet she sees no one but me.


Callie's hilarity always happens at bath time;) Not only does Callie find bathing atrocious, but she makes it seem like she's being taken to a death chamber. I have dragged her back legs toward the bathroom as she clings her two front paws on the carpet, I have tried picking her up but she latches her arms and legs on the arch of the door way, I have tricked her with a trail of treats guided into the bathroom, and she has even tried playing dead and making her weight even heavier for me to carry. Being a 60lb. Pit-Boxer, this is not the easiest task, but it has to be the most hilarious moment with her, and I wouldn't change a single detail for the world.

Rescuing Callie was the best thing I could have done for her and me:) 

Thank you Furever Rescue!