Rescuing Callie~

My favorite thing about Callie is the way she stares at me like she's never loved anyone so profoundly. We can be in a crowded room full of people, yet she sees no one but me.


Callie's hilarity always happens at bath time;) Not only does Callie find bathing atrocious, but she makes it seem like she's being taken to a death chamber. I have dragged her back legs toward the bathroom as she clings her two front paws on the carpet, I have tried picking her up but she latches her arms and legs on the arch of the door way, I have tricked her with a trail of treats guided into the bathroom, and she has even tried playing dead and making her weight even heavier for me to carry. Being a 60lb. Pit-Boxer, this is not the easiest task, but it has to be the most hilarious moment with her, and I wouldn't change a single detail for the world.

Rescuing Callie was the best thing I could have done for her and me:) 

Thank you Furever Rescue!