Here are some answers to our most

Frequently Asked Questions. 

Why are adoption fees so high? Shouldn't adopting a dog be free, or at least very cheap?

Adoption fees and 100% of all of our donations go directly to the care of our rescue animals. Our adoption fee barely covers the cost of a young healthy dog, let alone the cost of saving those who need more medical care. Fees from the younger, more adoptable dogs help offset the cost of caring for the others.

Why do you do a home check?

We do a home check to make sure that your home is prepared for your new addition and that your yard is safe for your dog and that your home is prepared. Some things we check for are potential dangers to the foster pets (items in the yard or poisonous substances in reach of animals), and living conditions of your other pets and whether they are healthy & happy.

Do I have to have a fenced in yard in order to adopt a dog?

Having a fenced in yard or area is ideal, but we understand that not everyone in equipped with one. Dogs need lots of exercise, so if there is not a fenced in area, check to see where the local dog parks, walking paths, etc are in your area.

How long will I foster for?

It depends! Sometimes an animal is in foster care for as little as a few days, sometimes for a few months. Fosters agree to keep the animal until a suitable adopter is found. We have monthly adoption events that have been very successful in placing our animals into furever homes.

We understand that sometimes there are instances where a foster family can only commit to a certain amount of time or realize that it's simply too much or not the right fit.  Please allow us enough time to find a new place for your foster pet, we assure you that we will work quickly place him/her into the right foster home

How long do you keep animals for?

There is no set time limit. We take care of healthy, adoptable animals until we find them a home.

Where does the money from donations go?

Donations pay for veterinary care, surgeries, micro chipping, food, leashes, collars, crates, etc. When you donate, you are advancing the awareness of adoptable shelter dogs. A small amount of the donations fund our marketing campaigns and supplies need for events. However, we are lucky enough to have most of those items donated as well.