PUPDATE: Knuckles (pka Bruno)

After a few months, Knuckles' foster parents fell in love with him and welcomed him as a permanent member of the family. He and his pit bull sister, Petra, became fast friends and are now inseparable. Knuckles was found roaming the streets of Chicago. Furever Rescue identified him as dog that needed saving. After a brief stint at the vet’s, he moved into his foster home with Andy and Shilpa. Dad was unsure about fostering Knuckles. “I had concerns about taking in a dog that was so recently a stray. But we couldn’t believe what a perfect dog he was! And Petra adores him. Fostering was a great decision. It’s unbelievable that someone would just throw away such a good boy.”
“He’s the sweetest thing,” said Shilpa. “Just quietly follows me everywhere I go. My only complaint is that he cuddles too much. I can’t sit down without him laying across my lap!”