We got Stella on December 16th right before Christmas. She was going to be put down the next day if we didn't get her out. When I found out, I told Jena I'd take her just to get her out of harms way and we could figure it from there. What I thought would be a few days turned into a few months and Stella is now and Furever will be a part of our family. I kind of feel like it was meant to be. We had no intentions of getting a second dog but she walked in to our lives and was just perfect! We love her so much. She is best buddies with our 7 year old puggle, Bailey. And my kids just adore her. Gianna who has been around a lot of foster dog kept asking "is Stella going to go" because she was so used to them being around and then being adopted. So when she would ask I would say "I don't know, what should we do?" And she would say "keep her forever" and so we are!! Despite the loss of a few shoes, toys and art supplies she is a pretty good girl. We love our Stella Bella and wouldn't have it any other way!!